Monday, October 12, 2009

Vannathupoochi [2009]


Star-casts: Sri Lakshmi, Bala Singh, Siddarth and many others.
Production: Azhagappan
Direction: Azhagappan
Music: Rehan

In simple words, ‘Vanathupoochi’ doesn’t offer biggest entertainment of commercial elements, but delivers a strong message more appealing for today’s generation. Well, today’s machinery life has almost deteriorated the human values and relationship. We’ve turned to be mores workaholic where we don’t focus in our personal life and relations. ‘Vanathupoochi’ boasts about this hardcore theme where a child with her broken hearts yearning for her parent’s love seeks happiness in her grandfather.

On other terms, there haven’t been any specified flicks catering for Children audiences. Hats off to director Azhagappan who comes with this bold attempt during the era where big tickets with outlandish genres are making high waves…

Movie Stills/ Preview

Part 1 88.02 MB
Part 2 88.85 MB
Part 3 88.57 MB
Part 4 88.13 MB
Part 5 88.65 MB
Part 6 88.43 MB
Part 7 88.44 MB
Part 8 88.73 MB

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