Monday, August 17, 2009

Kadhal Kathai (2009)


Banner: Jsk Film Corporation
Direction: Velu Prabhakaran
Production: J.Satish Kumar
Music: Ilayaraja
Lyricis: Muthulingam, Mu.Metha

If anyone wants to see violence, sleaze and justification for both in a film, then Kadhal Kadhai is the film to watch! An overload of bloodletting, gruesome murders (with even a slashed head in a bag), some sleazy scenes, plenty of ogling and some kisses thrown are some of the features that await the viewer. The director is trying his best to make a point, but somehow it gets lost in the maze of sleaze.

The film is narrated partly in flashback mode. Velu (the director himself) is chased by goons and fighting for life in a hospital. A journalist tells the police what she knows about him. Apparently, he is a filmmaker who is fighting for the rights of women which he has made into a film. His basic theory is that women in India are only seen as sex objects because men are not familiar with their bodies. If exposed more to women and made to understand their bodies, the male’s hidden and suppressed tendencies which are awakened at puberty, will no longer seek gratification resulting in ogling and crimes against women.

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