Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aarumaname [2009]


Producer: K.S. Rajan
Direction: Sudeesh Shankar
Star-casts: Rajesh, Nichole, Karthika, Rajesh, Ponvannan, Ganja Karuppu and others.
Music: Srikanth Deva

It really makes us guess through the weird things happening around in Kollywood right now. Merely, the filmmakers are coming up with already beaten busy stories of early 80s. In the recent times, ‘Vedigundu Murugesan’ and ‘Malayan’ have been the best illustrations out for it. Nonetheless, here’s another one joining the list ‘Aaru Maname’. The problem with the film is that filmmaker’s amateur tactics of handling the subtle script with a flimsy screenplay.

One would go through the painstaking thoughts about what does Director Sudeesh Shankar actually trying to convey.

No issues if you’re coming up with a story of ‘Crow and Fox’, but you must narrate it as a big deal.

Movie Stills/ Preview

Part 1 87.80 MB
Part 2 70.20 MB
Part 3 61.38 MB
Part 4 83.45 MB
Part 5 86.49 MB
Part 6 88.73 MB
Part 7 80.24 MB
Part 8 63.49 MB
Part 9 81.43 MB 

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