Sunday, September 6, 2009

Azhagar Malai [2009]


Cast – RK, Banu, Vadivelu, Napolean, Manivannan, Lal
Music: Isaignani Ilayaraja
Camera: A Karthik Raja
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: SP Rajkumar
Producer: Karumari Kandasami
PRO: John

Azhagar Malai is a movie based on a simple village story. Though the story has an old commercial formula, it contains all the elements to entertain the viewers.

RK is a wayward youth in the village of Azhagar Malai near Madurai. He never cares about others and mostly spending his time in drinking accompanied by his uncle Vadivelu. Suddely, an incident changes his attitude and makes him campaign against drinking. The same day he meets Banu, a Chennai girl who comes to the village to attend the ‘Mulaipaari’ festival.

As expected, both fall in love in the very next frame and it leads to the marriage of the lovers. But Lal, the head of a rival group in the village who is against RK’s brother Napolean wows that he would never allow the marriage to take place. The reason for their enemity is a different story. How RK overcomes the hurdle and marries Banu leads to the climax of the film.

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