Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Colors (2009) [DVD RIP]


Cast: Dileep, Roma, Bhama, Saranya, Innocent, Cochin Haneefa, Harisri Ashokan, Mamookoya, Jayakrishnan, Vinu Mohan, Maya Viswanath, Krishnapriya etc

Director: Raj Babu

Rajbabu, the maker of Chess and Kangaroo (and also Chief Minister K.R. Gowthami, which he directed under the name Baburaj), is back again with Colours, a colourful film with Dileep, Vinu Mohan, Roma and Bhama in key roles.

Scripted by V.C. Ashok, who did the script for many light entertainers, Colours takes us to the hill-station Coonnoor where Lt. Col. Dr.Rajalakshmi lives with her two daughters, Pinki and Pooja.

While Pooja is her mother's pet and always behaves in a very nice manner, Pinki's attitude towards her mother is rather hostile, like that of a rebel. Pinki even spares no effort to create problems for her paternal grandfather, whom she calls Pishukkan Pillai (Pishukkan in Malayalam means 'miser'). Pinki, who hosts a very popular television show named Colours, always goes about with a group of her friends, led by Rahul. Dr. Rajalakshmi doesn't like any of this.



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