Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Loud Speaker | 2009 | Cam Rip


Banner: New Generation Cinema
Main Cast: Mammooty, Sasikumar, Gracy Singh, Kochin Haneefa, Bheeman Raghu, Salim Kumar, Jagathy, Augustin, Sai Kumar, Biju Menon, KPAC Lalitha, Kalpana, Saju Kodiyan & others
Music Director : Bijibal -
Lyricsist : Anil Panachooran
Story : P.Y.Jose
Producer & Director : Jayaraj

Jayaraj's 'Loud Speaker' is a charming film that sets forth a gentle ripple of goodness in your heart. It's a film about being human; a highly gratifying piece of refreshing geniality.

Haunted by a daunting past, Menon (Sasikumar) returns to India after a long forty five years in the US. His fast failing health leads him on to a chance encounter with Mic (Mammootty), a simpleton who has arrived in the city to earn some money. Mic soon wins over the hearts of the folks around him and earns the nickname 'Loudspeaker' with his bellowing sound.

'Loudspeaker' is all about a dejected individual whose life is tremendously altered by a man, who infuses it with a burst of passion that the former had never experienced. It's equally possible that Menon might have chosen to turn away from the warmth of life around him, since at some point he admits to having run away from memories. 



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