Saturday, October 31, 2009

Malayali 2009 Original VCD Full Movie Download


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Cast: Kalabhavan Mani, Niya, Jagathy Sreekumar, Murali, Salimkumar, Bijukuttan, Rajan P Dev, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Sadhique, K P A C Lalitha
Direction: C S Sudhesh
Music: Mohan Sithara

We usually tend to see a Kalabhavan Mani-starrer with preconceived notions. We know what to expect in a film with him in the lead, and usually we are right. Loud mouthed dialogues, fights, sentiments acted out in true Kalabhavan Mani style, a song rendered by Mani himself - these are the ingredients that we have come to expect from a typical Kalabhavan Mani movie. Some of those movies were OK, while others have been insufferable. Most of them however, follow a particular pattern.

If it is with these preconceived notions that you go to watch Mani's latest release, 'Malayali', you won't be wrong altogether. But there are differences in this film. Mani's character is not as loud as it usually is. There are fewer fights this time around. But the other ingredients, including the Kalabhavan Mani song, are there. Mani is a talented actor, who has delivered notable performances in quite a few films. But directors have been casting him in stereotyped roles, which hasn't done him much good.

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