Monday, October 26, 2009

Peranmai [2009] - (Download Tamil Movie)


Cast: Jayam Ravi
Direction: S.P. Jananathan
Production: K.Karunamoorthy, C.Arunpandiyan
Music: Vidyasagar

Director S P Jananathan proved his mettle as a filmmaker who can do different movies within commercial parameters with 'Iyarkai' and 'E'. He seems to strike a hat-trick with 'Pernamai'.

It is a film that is different from the regular rhythm pattern of Tamil cinema. It has action, humour, punch dialogues and loads of heroism but all presented in a different mix that touches both our heart and brain. Ayngaran International should be complimented for taking guts to produce such a film that is strikingly different.

Jananathan speaks about the condition of tribes in our country even after 62 years of independence. Their agony and frustration are brought out in a realistic manner.

The movie revolves around Dhuruvan (Jayam Ravi), who knows everything and anything about the forest. His travails while taking a bunch of college girls on a trekking to a jungle makes up the movie. Dhansika, Maha, Liasri, Saranya and Vasundhara are the batch of girls.

The movie begins with the group of arrogant girls selected for trekking inside a forest as part of the NCC camp with Dhuruvan, who is a first generation graduate and a government employee from a tribal family. His superior Ganapathiram (Ponvannan), a forest ranger, often ridicules him and insults him referring to his community. Once Dhuruvan along with girls enter forest, everything changes.

Part 1 88.65 MB
Part 2 88.69 MB
Part 3 88.60 MB
Part 4 88.91 MB
Part 5 88.79 MB
Part 6 88.81 MB
Part 7 88.64 MB
Part 8 88.76 MB

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