Monday, November 30, 2009

Adhey Neram Adhey Idam [2009]

; Star-casts: Jai, Vijayalakshmi, Rahul and others
Production: Hari Ramakrishnan
Direction: M Prabhu
Music: Premji

Ore Oru Vaatti… Enkuda Oru Night Spend Pannu…. Ha..Ha..Ha.. Adhukku Appuram Naa Unna Tholla Panna Maatein’ – such hackneyed dialogues have been persistently rendered by our onscreen guys for making whoopee with heroines who dumped them by marrying someone else…

For the God’s sake, how long will our filmmakers keep beating the same bush with annoying stories? If you’ve watched the film, bang your heads and confess.

Sorry if we’ve hurt the feelings of Prabhu. We appreciate him for choosing a clich├ęd story with some twists in the second half. But then, it’s not so impressive and Prabhu could’ve worked for a slick narration.

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