Thursday, November 5, 2009

Perumal [2009- VCD]


Perumal, the forthcoming movie of actor Babu Antony (who shot to fame with the most frightening villain roles in many South Indian films), directed by Prasad Valacherry, traces the serious problems associated with a cross-cultural society of Hindu and Christian families.

Perumatthurkkara is a village where both Hindus and Christians live peacefully. There is a temple and a church in the village. For several years, during the festivals, people of both religions harmoniously take part in the ceremonies of the church and the temple belonging to Perumathur Kovilakam.

In the meantime, Lakshmikutty Thampuratty of Perumathur Kovilakam, who carries the temple sword and lamp during the religious festival procession, falls in love with Mathai of Kalappurakkal tharavad and later marries him.

After this marriage, the friendly relationship between the Hindus and Christians becomes stronger than before. Jealous over the unity between the villagers, Kulathungal Chacko and his brothers try to create friction among the people, which later leads to a critical situation in the village. In Perumal, Babu Antony plays the role of the son of Lakshmikutty Thampuratty and Mathai (veteran actors Seema and Madhu).


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