Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paribhavam 2009 |org VCD | Abhilash, Kripa


Cast: Abhilash, Kripa, Machan Varghese, Kulapully Leela, Laxmi Sharma, Jagathy Sreekumar, Jagadhesh
Producer: Mohan Das Karimbil
Director: K A Devaraj

It's about some lass (Kripa) who heads back to Kerala after her parents were gunned down in the US. And here she develops a fascination for a mute boy (Abhilash) and soon moves into the city with him, amidst hostility from the locals regarding her public displays of affection.

That's pretty much most of what I gathered from what I saw, or rather slept through. The production values are shoddy, and the film looks like it has been shot under the shade throughout. Characters keep on mouthing lines long after the dubbing artistes have gone for a nap.

There is so much talk about the country bumpkin being the next best thing to a Greek God. No offence of course, but seriously I couldn't understand what all the ruckus was about. And with every woman out there going bonkers over the man, there seems something dead wrong with the air out there.

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